Interhill Collaborates with NGO and Curtin University for Workshop in Long Lama

Miri – Interhill together with Sarawak AIDS Concern Society (SACS) and Curtin University Sarawak Campus collaborated for “Sexual Reproductive Health and HIV/STI awareness for Secondary school students” in SMK Long Lama, Ulu Baram on the 16th of July 2016.

The whole day event started at 8.30 a.m. and ended at 5.30 p.m. was breakdown into three sessions, having a total of 350 students.

The workshop was led by Pn. Rahmah Wahap-Nicholls and Theresa Ping Tingang from SACS along with Dr. Kamala Vainy Pillai from Curtin University Sarawak Campus as well as assisted by seven volunteers.

“Random and unprotected sex is a very complex and difficult thing to be openly talked about; hence our stand on the matter of education being the key to tackling this worrying trend,” said Rahmah.

Rahmah also said that she hopes the students participating in the workshop will gain more knowledge about STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections), learn about the outcomes and getting education about teenage pregnancy and its related consequences.

Workshop style includes pre and post survey conducted to all the participating students, small group discussions, group presentation as well as interactive sessions with the facilitators.

“Interhill is honored to be able to be part of this project as a respond to the Ministry of Education’s concern which was voiced out earlier this year” said Angelyna Ental, Corporate Communications Manager of Interhill Group.

She also added that this project has been discussed since October 2015 and finally has been able to be executed together with the support and collaboration from SACS and Dr. Kamala Vainy Pillai.

There was a previous collaboration also with SACS and Curtin University Sarawak back in 2014, and this is the second collaboration between the three parties.

Angelyna also expressed her gratitude to the Principal of SMK Long Lama, Mr. Matthew Laing as well as Counsellor Ms. Zalzaliana Zainal for their continuous support since the past several months in making the event a success.

The event ended with a group photo and giving of appreciation plaque to the school.

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