Corporate Philosophy

Our Vision

To be a premier leader in the community and marketplace, recognized for its efficient products and quality services, and in developing quality human capital, in spirit of our motto, ‘Committed to People’, by 2020.

Our Mission

  1. To provide our customers with efficient products at competitive cost and effective service through our uncompromising commitment towards quality.
  2. To continually be a caring and responsible employer, developing our people through human resource strategies closely aligned to the Group’s business strategies.
  3. To remain committed to our community and social responsibilities, maintaining connections to create “One Interhill: Committed to People”.
  4. To continually raise the reputation and profile of Interhill as a community leader.


Our Core Values (InterHILL Values)

Interhill’s core values are the foundation of our culture.  They support how we develop our business, how we respect the needs of stakeholders affected by our activities and how we interact in the workplace, in spirit of our motto ‘Committed to People’. The core values of Interhill are communicated throughout the Group, and are represented by the acronym, “HILL” as follows:

H – Humility

We have been in business over 30 years and we start from very humble beginnings but with a great spirit of enterprise and industry, we have achieved strong growth over the years. However, we will never forget our humble roots because as we remember where we come from and utilize the best traditions of the past, this will help us to move forward progressively. We have pride in our past and faith in our future.


I – Integrity

Integrity means standing by the promises we make – whether it is to a customer, a business partner or to an employee. Our word has always been, and always will be, our bond.  We are committed to be true in all our business dealings with high standards of integrity and ethics, avoiding dishonesty or harming others.


L – Loyalty

At Interhill, loyalty means standing by our people and our organization  – from the first business dealing and throughout the duration of the relationship. It means recognizing and rewarding for a job well done. We believe that loyalty breeds respect and appreciation.


L – Local Community Support

We conduct business that is beneficial to the local community and society based on principles of sound management. We care for our environment and respect the practices and cultures of the community where we conduct business. Due consideration will always be given to providing benefits and assistance to the community in which we work in. We aim to grow in harmony with society through our business activities, support and contribute to its development and the overall economy.

At Interhill, our people are our strength. We stay truly and always Committed to People.